4 Practical Tips For The New Moms

When I found out that I was pregnant, I remember being terrified and excited at the same time. At the first available opportunity I went to a bookstore and bought several books about parenting. I tried to be prepared for the arrival of my baby but I soon realized that the books can never prepare for the utter chaos created by a new parent and newly born kid. The best advice that I received was not through the books but through the real world moms including my mom and cousins who had had the first hand experience.

Sleep Whenever Your Baby Sleeps

A new mom feels overwhelmed with the task of feeding, diapering and caring or the baby. Even the most organized moms have to let go of their strict routines and timetables. The new baby sleeps a lot ranging from 12- 16 hours every day but the sleeping times do not always coincide with those of the parent. The baby might not go off to sleep at 8 p.m. sharp and some babies keep late hours. Instead of trying to put your baby to sleep when he is not at all tired or sleepy, it is better to sleep whenever your baby sleeps. Even an hour of sleep will leave you refreshed and invigorated.

Practical Tips For The New Moms
relationship portrait of a young adult mother as she hugs her sleeping newborn baby

Keep Diapering Supplies at Hand

With an infant, the diapering supplies like the diapers, baby wipes, nappy cream, etc. should always be within reach. I had a small basket with a lid in which I kept the diapering supplies and carried it from room to room with the baby. The same basket also accompanied me in the car besides the bag with the supplies. The last minute rush to search for wipes and diapers can be frustrating for a mom when the baby is shrieking at the top of his voice. Besides, for those moms who have to handle the kid alone, it is certainly a good idea to have all the diapering supplies together in a box or a basket. My supplies also included a hand sanitizer to sanitize my hands before and after changing the diaper along with a few plastic bags for disposing the diapers.

Do Not Let Dad Take a Backseat

It is true that mom loves her child but so do dads, so what is the point of trying to prove that mom can manage a child without depending on the father of the child. Although nursing the child is the sole department of the mother but the father can help in many other ways. Let the father put the child to sleep by rocking him or singing lullaby; even my husband did that. Some dads can also manage to change the diapers. Give dad some time with the child and soon even the mother might be able to learn a few things from her male counterpart about child care. Getting help from your husband will give you some time to relax or to catch some sleep or some girl time with your friends.

Practical Tips For The New Moms

Pediatrician in the Neighborhood

The infants have a tendency to fall sick frequently since they are still getting acclimatized and their resistance power is still building up. Therefore any new mom should have the contact numbers of the pediatrician in the neighborhood. Instead of crying and getting all worked up when the newly born is sick, it would be better to call up the doctor and take the child immediately for some professional advice.

Other than the above tips I am sure that every new mom learns a lot about managing her child from her own experience over the years. Do not hesitate to add some more pointers and tips for the expecting moms in the comment box.

We would love to hear from all those experienced moms.

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