5 Ways to Promote Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

Making kids eat healthy is not easy. There are so many options available in high calorie fatty foods everywhere. Junk food is yummy and appealing. Home cooked food most of the times fails to attract kids. They always want to try the burger, they saw on TV. Sugary drinks like ready-made juice and soft drinks score over homemade juice and even water.

You need to understand that it is natural for kids to crave junk food. Instead of being too strict, you should find ways around.

Try these 5 Ways To Promote Healthy Eating Habits In Kids:

Promote Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

Lead By Example

Kids love to copy their parents. If you are preaching healthy eating to kids and not following it yourself then all will go waste. You should also eat only healthy food with your kids. You can also say that the food is so delicious and it has made you grow up. Children will be following you soon.

Do Not Say ‘No’

If you say a flat ‘No’ to junk food and sugary drinks then your kids may want them even more. Setting limits is essential. You can let your kids eat whatever they want once or twice a week. It will keep them satisfied. You also need to make your child understand that junk food should be eaten in small quantities.

Make It Delicious

Not all yummy food is unhealthy and not all healthy food tastes bad. You as a parent need to be more creative with food preparation so that your child does not always make faces at good food. There are many healthy and tasty food recipes on our blog. You can try them and add your own twist as well.

Serve their Favourites

While cooking, always try to include one of your kid’s favourite healthy food item. If they like a particular vegetable then make sure that it is present in one of the meals. This will encourage them to eat healthy. The presence of a yummy food item will make your kids eat rest of the food as well.

Do Not Buy A Lot Of Junk Food

When we say that you should let your kids eat their favourites once a week, we do not mean that you buy a month’s supply of junk food in one go. The stored junk food will tempt them and they would definitely want to have it. Buy small packs of junk foods. If you are buying more then store them where your children cannot see.

Do you have more tips to promote healthy eating habits in kids?

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