7 Remedies for Teething Babies

There are some children who do not face much problem when they are teething and some just bring the whole house upside down. Not surprisingly, my daughter did have lot of problems while teething and I took her to the doctor. As I had heard that homeopathic medicines are quite a help, so I got her medicine and one lotion to apply on her gums.

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Though these medicines helped her a bit, but she was still being cranky and unsettled throughout the day. She has started sleeping late and doesn’t sleep as much as she used to during the day. As usual, I asked elders, Facebook friends and family people and I thought of listing them down to help mommies who are going to face the situation :D.

Remedies for Teething Babies
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When my daughter was born, I thought I am the only one who is going though the toughest process of raising a baby but its not so. I realized it later when I hear my friend undergoing same thing now. If you are a mom and struggling and little disheartened then don’t forget that time passes by and when your bundle of joy gets little elder, he or she is going to fill your world with happiness.

Below Are Some Sign Which Are Generally Observed in Teething Baby

  • Stools starts getting soft and bottom goes red too
  • Loss of appetite
  • Gets irritated and stubborn for small things.
  • You will his/her cheeks going red.
  • Will sleep less.

So After All the Preaching, Lets Just Straight Away Go to the Remedies Which You Are Actually Looking for

  1. Give a light head massage with almond oil or any oil which you use on your baby. I do it after her bath time which is one or two hours before noon and she does manage to sleep for a while.
  2. Keep a clean wash cloth in your fridge for few hours and when it is cold give it your baby to chew.Teething babies love chewing anything which is cold.
  3. My baby refuse to eat anything. Sometimes she doesn’t take solid whole day but if I give her cold cucumber slice or reddish slice she likes to chew it.
  4. Teething ring is also a good alternative but my daughter is not too fond of it.
  5. If your baby doesn’t eat anything then try cold yogurt. They generally like having it.
  6. Teething gel is something which your doctor will give and it definitely helps.
  7. If you believe in Homeopathic medicines then it helps in this process. Somehow homeopathic works for her most of the time.

I thought that my baby will get her tooth with in one week but it has been a month and I can still see only half of her first tooth. I asked my doctor and as per him some babies take a week while others may take a few months. Good news is that babies have teething problem with only first one or two teeth, rest are not that difficult for the baby. Also, if you baby is having high fever and vomiting then please don’t consider it as a teething problem. It is definitely some infection and you need to rush to doc ASAP.

Do let me know if you are aware of some popular teething remedies which worked for your teething baby 🙂

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