Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

Nursing your little precious one can be the most exhilarating feeling. It is the most effective way for the Mother and the Baby to bond and have an Instant Connection which lasts forever.

Extended Breastfeeding simply means to breastfeed your baby beyond one year. Of course just like everything else, there are varied views on the subject in different parts of the World. Some not supporting it at all and others a little more liberal and easy going.

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However, we as the Super Doting Moms and wishing the best for our little tots have a very neutral mind set. Do what is best for you and your baby. If you can go ahead and do it to your heart’s content. If circumstances do not allow you, then just enjoy whatever time period you can and do it whole heartedly.

Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

Why We Support Extended Breast Feeding

Strengthens Immunity – Although a Well Balanced Nutritive Diet is incorporated post the 1st Year, yet the antibodies in the breast milk will continue to bolster the baby’s immunity and the baby is stronger.

Boon for Jet Setter Couples – If you love to Travel, extended Breast Feeding can be a Boon. You can feed your baby on the Go and have little to worry in case Substantial Baby Food or Formula cannot be provided at any time.

Healing Properties – Breast Milk is loaded with goodness. Not just to take care of a sick baby medically, even the calm and soothing effect it has on a sick child is miraculous.

Mommy’s Weight Check – This one is for all of us. Some Theories prove that If we continue to breastfeed for longer combined with a balanced regime of Diet and Work out, it ensures we stay Slimmer in the longer run.

Reduced Risk of Illness – Again, for Mother’s who breastfeed their child beyond 1 year have reduced risk of getting Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer etc

Weaning the Baby – Breast Feeding for as long as possible would have still continued had Formula Milk not been invented. Weaning also would be more natural than forced.

Emotional Support – It is very essential to keep this in mind. As children go older and try and face up to different situations on their own breast milk provides them a lot of re assurance and comfort that they are not alone.

All Round Benefits for Baby

  • Children who are Breast-Fed longer have shown higher IQ Levels according to some studies.
  • Vision can be improved thanks to the natural DHA produced in breast milk.
  • Studies show children hear better if breastfeeding is given for longer duration.
  • Children have better-aligned teeth as the natural action of feeding helps the same.
  • Digestion amongst toddlers is also improved as the proteins found in breast milk enhance it.
  • Babies who are breastfed long-term have lower chances of developing heart ailments, diabetes and other nervous system disorders.
  • Toddlers needs to be comforted, cuddled and help to be able to sleep carry on much after infancy. Nursing your little one naturally takes care of these needs.
  • An active Toddler will certainly benefit from extended breastfeeding as will the Mother. It ensures calmer, quieter moments for both of them.

Having stated these facts, it would also be equally important to remember that Breast Feeding is an extremely personal decision. It should not be taken as absolutely necessary to do or be casual about it. As long as the Mom and the Baby are comfortable, that’s all that should matter.

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