Early to Bed and Early to Rise

When I was a kid (that was ages ago :P) the toughest task for my mother was to wake me up early in the morning. She used to wake up at 4 am every day and move out for a walk. After her walk I used to be her target. Calling, cajoling used to reach a different level with all kinds of warnings being issued if I didn’t leave the bed “in a minute”. And the best used to be,” Sab log apne kam par nikal gaye hain and you are sleeping. If you cannot wake up early, You cannot reach any where in life……”It used to be so irritating then but now I find it funny.

Early to Bed and Early to Rise
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Well, this is what my kids sent me in mail… 😛 Isn’t it amazing that as a kid i hated waking up early but when I became a mother I realized that my actions and reactions were similar to my mom. Now when my kids are grown up and I know that they study till late at night, even then my tongue itches to call out their names and warn them “leave your bed in a minute otherwise…” lol (It’s all in the genes)

Fact remains that as we age we begin to realize the value of waking up early and finishing off all important tasks before time. We finally realize that the only time when our children can inhale a little fresh air is early in the morning. We want to make our kids listen to the melodies of nature like the loud chirping of birds and the mild sound of the breeze. But here the million dollar question is how to win this battle.

Sleep Well

Key to waking up early is sleeping well in time. Make your kids get into the habit of sleeping early as if they have a peaceful uninterrupted sleep only then can they wake up feeling fresh. Here is what the parents can do to make kids sleep early.

What Parents Can Do?

What Parents Can Do?
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1. Give kids bath at night

After the evening play time kids must be given a good bath even in winters. It makes them feel light and relaxed leading to a peaceful sleep.

2. Serve early light dinner

Dinner should be served early, by 8 pm so that kids eat in time and are ready to be tucked in the bed. From early childhood they should be encouraged to enjoy soups and salads at night. Carbs should be the least in the meal at night. low carb dinner means waking up fresh in the morning. This is a tried and tested formula in my house.

3. Read stories to kids

Kiddos love bed time stories (yes, even the 21st century kids). This is the best time to create an emotional bond with your children. The only time kids will never mind the hidden agenda of moral and ethical lecturing behind your stories. 😛 So you too don’t hesitate to narrate stories from epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

4. Keep electronics away

It is wise to keep mobiles etc away from the children at night due to obvious reasons; they distract and disrupt the sleep.

5. Listen to some soft music

Best way to teach kids relaxation techniques at an early age is to make them listen to soft classical, semi classical, country, instrumental, folk music. They need to understand the value of soft emotions from a young age (especially the boys).

6. Stay with kids in the bed

Till date I love to lie down in my kids’ bed with them on my both sides at night whenever possible. My kids are adults (of course unmarried 🙂 ) yet its an old habit to share your day with each other which has stayed till now. It helps in bringing openness in your relationship with your children.

Wake Up Early

Once the children sleep in time and have a good relaxing sleep at night, it is not at all difficult to make them wake up early with the rising sun. As parents the onus is on us to make waking up early in the morning fun for the kids. These are a few ways to do that.

What Parents Can Do?

  1. Start the day with happy music. Set some peppy music or song as alarm tone. Ditch that beep beep sound.
  2. Never ever use snooze in the alarm. You will keep delaying your wake-up time that way.
Early To Rise kids
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  1. Inspire your children to jump out of the bed as soon as they wake up. Jumping jacks are the perfect way to begin the day.
children to jump out of the bed
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If we want to make life easier for our kids, as they grow into adults it is important to make them realise that at night their brain is too tired to register all the information they need, so its better to sleep early, wake up refreshed and complete pending tasks in the morning. Working at night can actually be counter productive, with the kids falling on the books while studying and adults on their laptops. 🙂 (very familiar situation .. isn’t it?) Ha Ha.

These little things can make our children get into the habit of waking up early so that they can never be late in their life. Now i feel my mom was right in saying that a person who wakes up early in the morning can take the world head-on. She gets ample time to plan big events and special little moments for the day. 🙂

Aah!! before closing a final advice… keep a pet dog and teach him to wake up your kids… I have done that,” Cherub, go wake up Yaman and Pari”, one instruction and there he goes … something like this. 🙂

kids and dogs
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So have you decided to make your children know that early to bed and early to rise, makes a wo/man healthy wealthy and wise?

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