How to Deal With Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in a woman’s body along with mental & physical changes. As the baby bump grows bigger there is a lot of stretching of the skin and probably this is the first thing which doesn’t goes away easily after baby is born.

Stretch marks have been associated with pregnancy just as feeding & diapering is related to it! Stretch marks are basically skin lines which appear when the skin flexibility is not in accordance with the body growth. Then the elastic fibers beneath the skin get ruptured and result in the appearance of these stretch marks on the surface skin.

During pregnancy, the breasts & belly grow the most in comparison to other body parts. As the belly grows to accommodate the growing baby these stretch marks begin to appear which are initially reddish or purple in color but after baby’s birth goes back to being as the skin color or a lighter shade.

According to doctors, because pregnancy induces a faster & rapid growth of the body weight which results in stretch marks. If one happens to increase the weight steadily with each month then the problem of stretch marks can be slightly reduced.

How to Deal With Pregnancy Stretch Marks
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Stretch marks are usually accompanied by pregnancy and almost more than 90% of women get stretch marks in their second trimester.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

The reality is that stretch marks are for life and only the appearance of these lines can be reduced to some extent but these cannot be completely prevented from appearing.

It is an old wives tale that always keeps the skin moisturized all over the belly right from the second trimester and never ever scratch the surface of the skin as it may worsen the stretch marks.

Fading Stretch Marks

Never expect some kind of magic in fading the stretch marks as it won’t be effective. These days there are many improved methods to deal with pregnancy stretch marks. They can be treated to some extent with the help of specialized gels to be applied when the stretch marks are still in the reddish state.

Retinoids also work out in the cell regeneration process which stimulates collagen production which results in plump & healthy skin.

Nowadays laser treatments have also been introduced to ease out the process of fading the stretch marks easily although there are fewer instances of successful cases as laser therapy has its own demerit for the skin.

Altogether, sometimes when there is no way to get rid of these stretch marks, it is preferential to accept the body with all those stretch marks itself and let the thought about being back to normal again subside. As it is rightly quoted by a famous person that ‘Once a mother, always a mother!”

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