How To Get Me Time With A Baby

Don’t we all love the sound of these two words. Especially pampering. Be it any age group we all are dying for time out. In today’s fast paced hectic life its extremely important to pamper and dedicate time to oneself. Men, Women and Children alike. A trip down memory lane would serve as a beautiful reminder of our blissful carefree days. As young girls, it was a single point agenda to go to the Salons as often as possible for the so deserving Manicure Pedicure. Or plan an all girls fun vacay.

The all time Stress Buster of course was SHOPPING.

How To Get Me Time With A Baby

As new Moms we tend to forget that we are still the same young Cheerful Girls at heart. And a little push is all we require to relive those moments from time to time. We need to refresh and rejuvenate as often as possible. It should be our Mantra for Effective Mothering. As we our constantly nurturing our little ones, we as the Nurture Moms need the same attention and pampering.

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And since this is a Baby Blog so these tots get preference and of course their doting 24/7 by their side moms. Sounds unbelievable right?? Well, that needs to change because as Moms we forget that we need to give ourselves a break time and again.

So here’s to all lovely moms yearning for some Me Time…

  • Delegate as many chores as possible to your spouse and children. Don’t fret if your task isn’t done as you would have liked it to, something is better than nothing. With time they would also improve to suit your perfection.
  • Scrap Wasteful daily activities. Do you really want to watch that Soap on Television or browse through junk e mail or play a card game on the computer. Plan your day sensibly.
  • Screen unwanted phone calls. It isn’t important to constantly be glued to your phone. Ensure that the necessary calls are answered at the end of the day so that they don’t hinder your schedule.
  • Relax your standards. You have to let it go. It’s an intelligent woman who prioritizes and sees the difference between necessary and unnecessary. Don’t agonize over the kitchen floor if it’s not sparkling clean, the way you desire. It’s clean, that is enough.
  • Double up to save time. Be a Smart Worker. Execute as many tasks as possible in one go, ensuring minimum wastage of time and efficiency. Do not Dilly Dally.
  • Spouse Time. Spending quality time with your partner strengthens your lifetime bond. Reminisce about the past, go watch a movie, a romantic candle lit dinner, a couple spa, etc. these are a few things which also helps unwind.
  • Me Time. This is easily the most important and a must required for every mom. Once a week it is essential to take out a few hours for yourself. It could be anything which you used to love doing before you became a mother or a new found passion. A walk in the evening, a cuppa with gal pals, a book that you have since longed to read, a foot spa, you decide and ensure that you chalk it down as part of your routine.

It has been proven that frequent Stress Busters are required from time to time to handle today’s fast paced world. It also ensures that Mothers look after themselves thus passing on the same positivity and well being on to the children.

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