How to Increase Fertility in Man and Woman

Simpler written than done. The most easy explanation would be A couple having sex, getting pregnant and voila a baby is conceived. It is all left to Mother Nature. But the reality is very different and has a deep insight to it.

Many couples keep trying unsuccessfully to make a baby. It just seems in vain and very trying. They long to hear the good news, the initial euphoria that we are going to be parents, we are going to be 3, a new addition is on its way etc.

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A Small word this Fertility is but it encompasses a whole new world within it. For a lot of couples it’s simple and easy to conceive with little or no headache. For others it is a struggle and some serious lifestyle changes to boost fertility, Extensive Fertility Treatments etc. which aid in conceiving.

Thanks to advanced and Breakthrough Medical Technology it does not seem impossible anymore. Also, simple and effective Lifestyle Changes can ensure that a couple can conceive and have a baby.

How to Increase Fertility

Any couple who is trying to have a baby wants to hear the “Good News” sooner than later. This can definitely happen if a certain Order and Regime is planned and maintained effectively for Men and Women alike. We tend to take everything in Life for granted especially our Health and Well Being. As long as we are able to do a routine of chores which are satisfactory we tend to forget the bigger picture and its repercussions in the long run.

A Few Tips for Parents Who Are Keen on Making a Healthy Baby

Eat Right- So Easy right?? Yet, almost close to impossible to follow. How often do we hear ourselves saying – “ I overate, need to go on a diet or how many kilos have I gained, need to shed atleast a couple, I want to change my dietary habits, etc. The Change has to Start Now. Especially, if you are planning a Baby your diet is of extreme importance. Overweight, Obesity etc. won’t help rather lessen your chances of Ovulation as your Menstrual Cycle tends to go haywire. The same applies to Men. Rather Studies point out that Men who exercise regularly and have a routine tend to have a slightly higher sperm count.

Exercise Regularly – Not just to have a baby, but even to ensure longevity and a healthy mind and body a minimum of 1 hour workout is mandatory for each of us. This does not mean that Women should starve themselves as Anorexic and malnourished women risk their chances to produce the necessary hormones required to ovulate. Men who aren’t healthy and ailing could also be equally responsible for not aiding in conceiving.

Forgo those Sins – Excess of anything is bad in the long run. Substance Abuse, Smoking, Drinking Excessively are a big taboo when couples want to grow as a family. You have to consciously watch yourself and support each other in avoiding these vices. Ofcourse, an Occasional Glass of Wine won’t hurt either the Dad or the Mom to be. Rather it may just set the mood right.

Quality Time – We all live in an extremely fast-paced, no time for anything kind of an environment. And yet we want to bring another life to join it just the same. It’s very important to introspect and realize the importance of being a couple and spending loving tender moments as much as possible. It’s never Enough they say and we should try and remember that always.

Peace and Tranquility – A Calm and peaceful mind can do wonders to boost fertility and increase virility amongst couples. A walk in the Park, Meditation, Yoga are different techniques to help achieve sanity and to be able to focus right.

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