How to Raise a Happy Balanced Kids

Ever wondered why your closest friend’s baby is so cheerful and happy always? Why some kids at the mall are enjoying with their parents while you have a bawling toddler who you are trying to pacify to no avail? How well a child understands a situation and his reaction to it? These and many more questions sometimes bother you no end and you desperately seek answers.

The Solution is very simple. We just need to analyse a few things, weigh the pros and cons and try and do what is best for your child? As parents we want the best for our children – Opportunity, Safety, Good Education, Success and of course over all Happiness. But, all this is easier said than done, especially Over all Happiness. The reason being we ourselves have a warped meaning attached to happiness. Since the beginning of the world, happiness is often attached to success. The more successful we are the happier we should be. This is what we in grain in our children too, ask them to focus only on Academics. Join the Rat Race and exceed expectations.Unknowingly, we mislead them.

But it is not so. Your Happiness quotient has got nothing to do with your Success Ratio. Rather, it is just the opposite. In order to be Happy and Content it is essential to have a balance and as children it is a must to make them understand that and guide them in that direction.

Happy Balanced Kids
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It is a fast paced world, and like all of us these little kids have unlimited activities to go by all in a span of 24 hours.

Set Smaller Goals

These would be easier to achieve and also forming a play and work routine will be simpler.

Explain to kids what is Inconspicuous Benefit. The world has a lot more to give than just materialistic benefits and gains. They should have a humane quality.

Hone their Strengths

Educate them about their strong qualities and encourage them to take active interest in their favorite activity. It could be sports, music, art etc.

Make Studies Fun

We can make a difference by making learning interesting and not boring. These days studies are being taught using interactive and Play – way methods. A child loves these techniques and his interests and hobbies get developed better.

Make Studies Fun
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Good Company

Children should be encouraged and taught how to choose their friends wisely. After all it’s the company which matters most. Positive and Good qualities will rub on to each other ensuring that negativity and indiscipline is avoided.

Attitude of Gratitude

Each one of us should possess this quality. It is essential to be humble and thank each one of us who make a difference on our lives.

Chalk out a Schedule

Kids like most adults need to have a schedule in order to function efficiently. Making a list of To Dos and How to go about them goes a long way in ensuring that your child strikes a balance effectively.

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Striking a Balance is hard for all of us alike. In fact it is a struggle on a day to day basis. But the important thing to know is that your kids life as well as your own will be more sorted and easy to lead if you can achieve this balance.

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