How to Teach Your Child to Share

The Art of Sharing

Sharing is one trait that doesn’t come easily even in adults. So it is a tab bit unfair to expect little ones to share their toys, books, etc. very readily. Though personally, I feel it is a habit that can be inculcated and taught to toddlers very early, thus it stays with them even as they grow older and more aware. Some theories also indicate that more than the trait of sharing, teaching ownership to the child is more essential.

However, in this post let us focus on how we can teach our children to share and learn the importance of it. Children are born with an inherent sense of belonging, everything that they see or touch is theirs. Over a period of time, this has to change and the joy of sharing starts taking precedence.

How to Teach Your Child to Share
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Some Points We Tried to Instill in Our Baby Right From the Start

Ask To Share – When we go out we are constantly trying to discipline our children, and asking them to ask to share other kid’s toys. This at no point should differ, unless of course it is handed over to the kids to play with.

Friendly Comparison – Saying stuff like your friend was sharing his toys really well the other day, it was so good to see that. Kids are hungry for appreciation so they may just start sharing automatically to hear your kind words for them.

Encouragement and Play – Often when kids see us adults doing the same, they want to ape us thinking it is the right thing to do. If we play and share and enjoy it they too would want to join in the fun and will find it easier to share.

Yes To Share – The Golden Rule that all children have to accept and apply is to never say No when asked to share. They have to be explained gently about the joy of sharing, and if need be reprimanded if they forget to do so on some occasion.

Boomerang Effect – Teach them that they should never do to others what they don’t want to do themselves. This is not just to learn the habit of sharing but also as a rule to Good Life.

Rules, rules and more rules. It’s a tough situation. Getting your child used to these basics in life may take up a lifetime; however, it is a must to help their overall growth and development. Children are but a reflection of their parents. They always try and emulate us so we need to sort ourselves out and then expect them to learn from us.

While enforcing or teaching children certain rules in life, we need to understand that they are the founding stones and the basics to build values for the future. As they start growing older, they are keener to do the “right thing” and be good in each aspect of life. If their morals and values are in place they automatically transform into fine mature adults.

Do your kids share? How do they react?

Share your thoughts and your do’s and don’ts to teach your child this wonderful quality.

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