My Battle With Pregnancy Acne

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The “pregnancy glow” has been rather elusive in my case. When I discovered I was pregnant, I was put on progesterone support pills as some of my hormone levels did not seem right for the stage of pregnancy I was at. It was discovered at sonography later that the reason why my levels were so screwed up was because of my irregular period cycle. At my 8 week sonography, it was discovered that I am actually just 5 weeks pregnant!! Sounds convoluted?? Well, blame it on hormones. By then, my gynec had already started me on support pills as she didn’t wanna take the chance of something happening to the baby and once you start with the pills, you have to take them till you are 12 – 14 weeks pregnant. My subsequent sonographies were all great and I kept crying coz of the dreaded acne breakout on my face.

Pregnancy Acne
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The first side effect that comes with any hormone support pill is ACNE. For someone, who had clear skin almost always with one or two pimples that accompanied the monthly visitor, this was a huge blow to my self-confidence. At one time, I almost dint wanna leave the house. The upside is, this acne breakout made me a concealer goddess.

I tried everything possible within the realms of pregnancy safety. Regular clean-ups were out as I could not tolerate the smells in the salon and acne medication -only topical application was permitted by my doc – but at that point, he said please avoid till I was on the “pill”. The acne was rather cystic and began to leave marks. I tried TBS tea tree oil- worked to an extent, I decided to leave my face bare and use nothing but a face wash – that dint work at all – the pimples still sprouted everywhere. My friends told me that I was being incredibly positive about the skin issues, but I knew what I was feeling inside. My self-confidence plummeted and I refused to go out with my hubby. My only outing was going to work and back home!

Then I finally asked my ob-gyn if I could visit a dermatologist. He said yes! but on the condition that no internal medication and very mild topical application. Luckily for me, My derma and gynec consult at the same hospital, so the dermatologist was well aware – luckily for my sister-in-law is a doc as well. so she had briefed him as well.

The derma took one look at me what went OMG – as he has seen me for a long time and the acne was never this bad. He said the treatment will be slow as I cannot consume any internal medication. He immediately told me to throw away all my face wash etc and switch to Cetaphil or Seba Med. I went with Seba Med. He asked me to use Brevoxyl ointment for 15 minutes each nite and wash off followed by Clindamycin 1% and keep it overnight.

However, If you are preggers I strongly suggest do not do anything on your own whim and seek medical help soon rather than later. I feel I waited too long – I waited for my ob-gyn to stop the pills and then went ahead and met my dermatologist.

In a week I saw some fantastic results- it was a combination of no more hormone pills combined with a healthy diet -I don’t eat many sweets and junk- and plus professional help with acne have reduced my acne by about 50%.

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Pregnancy Acne

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Have You Battled With Pregnancy Acne?

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