4 Must-Follow Rules to Wash Baby Clothes

When your newborn arrives, it livens up the entire environment of the house with a gush of happiness but also there are many associated tasks and responsibilities that you have to attend to with perfection and one such is Laundry responsibilities. In fact, washing a lot of clothes becomes a necessity with the baby’s arrival and thus laundry activities take on a surge almost.

Rules to Wash Baby Clothes

As a parent you have to be very careful, exercise your diligence in finding the appropriate product that can effectively remove all stains, odors without affecting the sensitive delicate skin of your little one. You can consider the tips below to handle the laundry tasks effectively. The following tips in fact will help you to select the appropriate detergent, remove all common stains and even effectively launder cloth diapers.

Rules to Wash Baby Clothes

Washing should be the first Step

Before using any baby clothes you should first wash those. Washing will free the clothes of irritants and residues and thus save your babe’s sensitive skin. It’s best to put some disinfectant liquid in the water during the final rinse. This will destroy bacteria if any in the clothing. Items like Socks, caps and other small pieces of clothing should be kept in a mesh bag while washing as well as drying.

Always read the washing instructions or fabric care instructions label prior to washing. Generally, baby sleepwear is flame-resistant and if you apply bleach on such fabric, the fibers will get totally damaged. So reading the label is very necessary.

Choice of Detergent

Go for liquid detergents because powder ones often leave behind residues or flakes which later might cause irritation to the sensitive skin of your baby. And double rinsing of clothes is always recommended.

Treating Stains

Stains are best removable when they are fresh. So try to scrub the stains off when those are fresh before putting the clothes off for laundering purposes.

Tips for perfect stain removal:

  1. If the stains comprise of protein elements such as spit-up stains, feces, food stains, breast milk stains, formula stains, its best to first soak the stained portion of the cloth in cold water into which you have added a product with enzymes that’ll act on the stains and remove those. If this isn’t helpful, go in for the all-purpose stain removing product, after which you are to launder the clothes as usual
  2. If it’s a urine stain you are treating, then you have to use a mixture of 1 tbsp ammonia and 1 cup water to remove the stain. Before you use this mixture on the entire clothing just test the solution on a small portion of the garment to check whether it’s colorfast garment or not. After this you can use a regular but good stain remover and launder the clothing as usual
  3. If the stain is a food stain, consisting of fruits, veggie residues and purees, you can treat it in many ways. First of all rinse the garment thoroughly in cold water following which soak the stain in a solution of rubbing alcohol plus water in 1:1 ratio. Then wash the garment as usual. This will remove the stain completely. Also you can soak the stain in a solution of water and white vinegar mixed in quantities of 1 parts each. After 15-20 minutes launder the garment as usual. If the stains are too very stubborn, soak them in prewash stain removing solution and then launder.
  4. If you are treating stains of baby oil, first read garment care labels carefully and wash the garment in the water that is hottest. The temperature of the water however should be within the permissible limits given in the care instructions and should not prove damaging to the garment fibers

How to Launder Cloth Diapers?

Don’t mix your baby’s cloth diapers with its other laundry items. All dirty diapers have to be rinsed off immediately in the toilet to prevent odor, infection and stubborn staining. You can keep a diaper pail that comes with an air-tight lid. The pail can be kept at one corner of your bathroom, where you can store these soiled diapers until you find time to wash them thoroughly and deodorize them for reuse.

How to Launder Cloth Diapers?

The best way to wash soiled diapers is to soak them overnight or give them a good pre-wash with cold water before putting them to laundering. When you launder the diapers, use hot water and practice double rinsing.

You should not use any kind of perfumed detergent, dyes or fabric softeners on your babe’s diapers as it could irritate your little one’s delicate skin. Stretch diapers in a line under direct sunlight for drying to kill microbes if any

So these are some of the guidelines for washing baby’s clothes. Share if you have more.

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