Soya Chunks and Custard Recipe for Toddlers

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Well, I am back with another lunch box idea for you all which I generally find very easy and extremely healthy for my little daughter.

Basically this lunch idea is a little more on the snack part but the amount of nutrition it provides is really good for your little one. The Lunch Box idea today is Soya chunks along with sweet custard in my daughter’s lunch box.

The Soya Chunks can be easily be prepared at home given that one doesn’t needs to do more than soaking the soya bean chunks in water. And after a little shallow frying they are ready to eat.

You can also refer to the quick soya chunks recipe I did a while ago here.

These are really easy on the part that they don’t take much time to prepare and because they are a little non-messy so kids usually like to keep it munching without over indulging in the food with their whole body as they think that they won’t be able to do many kid activities with messy hands.

Soya chunks are a little drying so I try to combine it with a sweet relish for my daughter so that she has a bite of everything and also not crave for something sweet.

Here I try to combine soya chunks with a fruit custard recipe which serves as the most obvious choice to treat her sweet tooth without any excess dose of sugar.

Soya Chunks and Custard Recipe

Fruit custard as you all know is a yummy way to ensure that your toddler enjoys the taste of food without being choosy and picky. Just add your choice of fruits into a bowl and add custard cream to it. I can surely say your kid won’t be able to resist it. 🙂

You may refer to a similar fruit cream recipe here.

This lunch box is a complete meal as soya chunks have high protein content which is well needed for the kids at this growing stage. And the fruit cream ensures to balance the fiber & glucose levels in their bodies.

And the biggest advantage is that this is really a quick and time saving lunch box idea for your kid at times of a tight working schedule.

Hope you all like it and try to give to your toddlers too!

Do share your Lunch Box Ideas too!

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